Smoking Weed out of a lightbulb vaporizer

Herbal Vaporizers


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  1. Yoni Harper says:

    this kid goes to my school he has no friends

  2. Donald Boyd says:

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  3. rubenaunet says:

    Really?, I was choking

  4. ZZzzRRrrGGgg says:

    i made one and used it . i cleaned all the chemicals out with water and it worked fine my throat did not hurt for hours or at all

  5. rubenaunet says:

    Lol, You think water will help? I have made one and smoked from it, And you can admit yourself if you ever used one that it hurts your throat like hell, I was caughing nonstop in hours the first time i used it.

  6. ZZzzRRrrGGgg says:

    that’s why you clean out the light bulb with water first

  7. rubenaunet says:

    You know this is dangerous right? Also, the light can explode lol. Smoking toxic and geting cuts from glass aint worth the trip

  8. Darian Goldman says:

    Bad music , terrible video

  9. Steph Brennan says:

    You look like your smoking Meth. Contrast :D

  10. Edward Saenz says:

    Just get a vaporizer fag

  11. Skyda8 says:

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  12. Rodney Brown says:

    the point of the lightbulb vaporizer is that the actual weed doesnt catch on fire therefore there is no smoke. When i first hit my lightbulb vaporizor as joke it was an easy hit but i was high as fuck. Also it takes a little longer to peak than hitting a blunt for some reason

  13. Britoe97 says:

    Schwaag weed, shit piece and pussy hits. Gtfo lightweight.

  14. flytyerman says:

    White kids

  15. James Jones says:

    this kid goes to my school he has no friends

  16. James Jones says:

    yes it is but if you do it right you get 2x more stoned but the bad thing is its like a crack pipe and if seen smoking out of it your looked at as a crack head

  17. James Jones says:

    a lighter flame is like 2500 degrees F to vape you cook it at 300 – 390 – 410
    Any higher than 500 the weed combusts so putting the flame right under the bulb is going to burn it your flame should be like 1 – 2 inches under it should take up to 2 minutes for the bulb to be completely filled but normal vapes take 2 min to so you fucking idiots putting the flame under it and hitting it 5 sec after like this kid in the video is just smoking like out of a bowl not vaping

  18. kbarmy93 says:

    wow yo those were fucking pussy hits.

  19. ScaryCitron says:

    what the name of the song?

  20. NuggitBooBoo McSquidyCunt says:

    @kkarrma this is a vape not a pipe

  21. bezilliox says:

    that looks like a pain in the ass

  22. morganhodder says:

    then you’re smoking it, not vaping it. genius.

  23. morganhodder says:

    pot. yah.  suuure.

  24. gomarines1996 says:

    Haha, lame pussy hits, how you gonna smoke a vapo, when listening to wiz talk about chiefing on paps??

  25. Tommy Sok says:

    thats like a homemade meth pipe lol

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